Wednesday, January 14, 2009


My sister Michelle got Brody this great easel for Christmas. It has a chalkboard, a white board, and then paper with paints. Anyway, he loves it and has become quite the artist. (Everyone will be receiving a piece of original Brody artwork here in the near future.) He likes to draw and write on the chalkboard and he loves to paint.


We had a good Christmas this year. Brody really got into Santa clause and was excited to put the tree up and see the presents underneath the tree. After we put the tree up, Brody rearranged the ornaments daily. It was one of his favorite things to do. Anyway, Santa brought Brody a Thomas the train set with a remot control train and everything. It was all set up when he walked into the living room so of course, getting him to open anything else was kind of difficult for a while. Brody loved the train and had a great day. He loved everything all his grandpa's, grandma's, aunts & uncles got him.
After our Christmas, we went over to my parents house for our family Christmas. Brody had a good time playing with his cousins and all the toys!!

Snow Day

I was lucky and the snow held out until I was done driving to school for the semester. But when it came, it dumped. Brody loves to be outside, but he doesn't like to put on his snowboots and snow clothes. My niece Taylor came over to play in the snow and to help make a snowman. These are just a few pictures of them playing and sitting on when of the big snowdrifts in our yard. Brody is starting to look so big. Can you tell which picture is when he was telling me he was ready to go inside?

To Infinite and Beyond!

Brody loves Buzz Lightyear. Jer and him went Christmas shopping and came home with a Buzz Lightyear that talks and everything. Brody loves his Buzz and takes him everywhere.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Brody is a big helper outside. I didn't get a chance to rake leaves until November, and even then, I didn't get them all before the snow started coming down. Oh well, I will hopefully have more time this spring to work out in the yard. Brody was a big help, he loved playing in the leaves and putting them in his little wheelbarrow. He wanted me to cover him completely so he could "hide."

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cute Pics

These are just some pictures of Brody jumping on the bed. He is soo cute!! Look at that huge smile.

Brody's couch

Brody informed his dad today, October 22nd, 2008, that this was in fact his couch and NOT his dad's couch.